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How do I become a member of Church For All?
Simply agree with our statement of faith, Jesus Christ is Lord and God, and enter your email address here:

How hard is it to withdraw from membership?
Very simple. Just click on the URL (web address) found at the bottom of any daily email message you receive from us. That will instantly remove you from our membership list, and you will no longer receive our daily email message. (For most everyone except those using AOL, this URL shows as a clickable link. If you use AOL, you must copy that URL into your web browser to use it.) Here is a sample. Your email address would be at the end of the real one on your daily email:

    To stop receiving these Scripture emails, click or go here...

If you need help to unsubscribe (for example, if the above paragraph does not make sense to you), then please forward to us an entire daily email, so we can use the link at the bottom to remove you from our list. Just sending your email address and asking us for removal is not sufficient. Our email program is case sensitive, so we must have the exact spelling and capitalization of your email address as you entered it when you subscribed. Otherwise, the removal will not work -- although the server will send you a notice saying you were unsubscribed. (This happens because the email list program is case sensitive, but the regular email program it uses is not case sensitive.)

When you unsubscribe you will receive an automatic email informing you of your removal. It will give directions to subscribe again in case you made a mistake.

We understand why some might hesitate to click on a link that says it will remove you from a list, because of those sending out millions of spam emails with a fake unsubscribe link. Our links are real and work instantly, but we will gladly click the link for you if you will just forward the entire email to us. Just hit reply and make sure your email contains the full original email we sent out.

What if I change email addresses?
Please follow the directions in the previous section on unsubscribing to remove your old email address. Then join again by entering your new email address in the box above or on our home page. (You will receive an automatic email sent to the address you are unsubscribing, which you can ignore.) Please follow the directions in the previous section on unsubscribing to remove your old email address. Then subscribe again at our web site with your new email address. You can understand that we do not have time to change email addresses for thousands of people. Especially when it is set up so that you can easily do it yourself.

Why am I not receiving my daily email?
Either you have been unsubscribed, in which case you will have received a notice by email. Or, the daily messages are probably being caught in a spam filter, either on your computer or on your email provider's site. This is beyond our control, but you can check into it.

If you were unsubscribed, just subscribe again (by entering your email address at the top of this page where it says "Join now!"). If you try to subscribe and get a message that you are already on the list, that means you are on the list already, and the messages are somehow being lost.

You can also get it by RSS feed.

Why did I get a notice that I quit -- when I did not?
Subscriptions are automated on the email server which sends out a notice by email if you have been taken off the mailing list. You probably forwarded a message to someone who used the instant unsubscribe link, that is at the bottom of every daily email we send, to unsubscribe you.

If you were removed from the list, just enter your email address again above (where it says Join now!) to continue receiving the daily messages. There is no need to contact us.

What is required of members?
Just a bit of time to receive the daily email messages, and the desire to know God better. We also encourage, but do not require, members to participate in our weekly worship times.

Can I be a member of another church, too?
Yes. We are not against, or in competition with, other churches who are helping people. You can receive ministry from Church For All without regard to any other affiliation you may have. Even those who may be a pastor or priest in another church may feel free to receive ministry here!

How much do you charge?
We never charge any fee for helping people. There are no dues or fees for being a member. We have freely received and we are willing to freely give to you.

How can you be a church without a building?
How can a horse be a horse unless it is in a barn? It is not your location that defines you, but your attributes and actions. For more on what the Bible has to say about this question, look here.

Why do you send out daily messages?
Jesus said those who continue in His Word will know the truth and that truth will set them free (John 8:31-32). Every day we face difficulties so every day we need help and encouragement. We know you are busy, so we keep the daily email messages short.

What about fellowship and interaction with other believers?
It is possible to be in a room with others and not really open up and communicate. It is also possible to only have contact with someone by email, yet develop a close relationship.

We encourage our members to meet with other believers to pray, fellowship, and discuss the Bible together. This may just be your own family, or your friends and neighbors.

What denomination do you belong to?
None. We welcome believers from all backgrounds. Our emphasis is on the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God, not on any particular doctrine or belief.

But what do you really believe?
Good question! Our statement of faith is Jesus Christ is Lord and God. And we believe the Bible is the Word of God -- God's message to mankind. Certainly we believe many more things than that, which we have gleaned from the Bible -- but we are still learning -- and we have been wrong before. Some things I used to believe, I now can see were wrong. And some things I used to think were wrong, with further study I have discovered were correct. Fortunately, our acceptance by God and entrance into Heaven is not based on us knowing all the correct answers!

Church For All involves ministers who, no doubt, have differing views on some Bible subjects. We do not feel that requiring everyone to be on the same level of understanding and interpretation is necessary to jointly celebrate our faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to continue together in our study and learning from His Word, the Bible.

Mentally believing all the correct doctrine does not guarantee acting properly. More emphasis should be put on what we do, not just what we believe. As we allow Jesus to be our Lord and trust in Him, we are confident He will guide us in the right path.

What do you have to say about other churches and ministries?
As a matter of policy, we have nothing bad to say about any person or group who claims Jesus Christ as their Lord. Certainly we may disagree about many things, but we recognize them as our brothers and sisters in the Lord. We are here to help people -- not to fight. We also emphasize that Jesus commanded us to walk in love and not division. We are sure that all of our brothers and sisters, as well as ourselves, have much progress to make in our spiritual lives and understanding, but we trust in our Lord Jesus to bring that to pass.

How is this all paid for?
God! While He does not sign the checks to pay the bills, we do believe God causes the money to come in. Church For All does receive donations, and we also receive a small commission for books and music purchased through our bookstore.

Our purpose is not to sell books but to help people, so we have determined to only list books for sale which are reviewed and recommended by someone we trust.

We strongly believe our giving to God is an act of worship that should come from a willing heart. So we are determined to never pressure people to give, but simply to minister to people and trust the Lord to take care of the finances.

What about weddings and funerals?
Obviously, it would be difficult or impossible to cover the entire world in ministering at these important events. However, we will help you as much as possible online and furnish you with wedding and funeral guidelines we think you will find helpful. As we grow, it may be possible to extend this help even further.

Will my email address be kept private?
Absolutely! We will only use your email address to send you the daily Bible messages, or to reply to any personal emails you may send. We will never allow your email address to be sold, rented, or used by anyone making a list for any other purpose. Here is our privacy policy.

Are messages available in other languages than English?
Not at the present time. However, we have plans to add other languages as we grow. Please contact us if you would be willing to help with this.

How can I display these graphics on my web site?
Copy the image in your browser to your computer. Then view the source of this file and copy the code from below. Then insert that into your web site code and upload the changed file and the graphic to your web server.

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I have another question.
Send any questions not covered above to Please do not send us big theological questions about your pet doctrine. That is covered above in what we believe.